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We understand the lower middle market in detail. We know a wide selection of industries, the companies, their capabilities and the market dynamics unique to each sector. We've invested heavily in researching a wide number of sectors and we can give buyers access to sophisticated software tools that enable your target requirements to automatically create a list of suitable target companies for consideration. We can filter by size, geography, financial hurdles, market sectors and service lines.

We've developed our own proprietary valuation model that not only assesses the theoretical financial returns from an acquisition but also the risk of achieving those returns. The long-term financial success of any acquisition depends more on the growth achieved by the combined entity after acquisition than on the price paid at closing. While nobody wishes to pay more than necessary, we do understand the deal structures that promote growth and retain people as well as the factors that are likely to lead to a successful integration of the target company.

Successful buyers are skilled at selling the benefits of being acquired by them, rather than the many competitors currently in the market. This is not just a factor of the price offered. Being able to describe why the management of an acquired company will be happier, more respected, have better career prospects as well as being financially better off should be a part of the acquisition process. When we represent a buyer we put great effort into presenting these benefits to ensure that our buying client has a competitive advantage.

An acquisition target who has already decided to sell makes for a faster and more successful acquisition outcome. We have invested heavily in marketing to potential sellers in order to build a long-term pipeline of target acquisitions. We are likely to know at any point in time who is interested in selling as a result. We make contact with you each week to ensure that we are aware of your current target requirements.

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